Markell Johnson


Position: Admissions Advisor & Recruiter
Phone: (425) 352-3260

Territory: Auburn, Federal Way, Issaquah, King County (Cleveland, Franklin, Garfield, Rainier Beach), Kitsap County, Peninsula, Pierce County, Redmond, Snoqualmie

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Education: University of California, Davis, B.A. in Sociology 

Favorite Movies: "The Lion King" -The cartoon version. It's just such a classic.

Favorite TV Shows: Netflix makes some great shows, but "Wild N Out" is my favorite.

Favorite Sports Team: Lakers all the way!

Favorite College Experience: Joining the Sigmas and just making California a better place.

Main Attraction at UW Bothell: The scenery at UW Bothell is amazing, like, there's strawberries growing on campus!

Advice for Transfer Students: Don't be afraid to reach out for help. There's always someone who is willing to give you a hand.

Fun Fact: I started a business to help foster youth children in Sacramento.