Kari Berkas

A woman named Kari Berkas standing in front of a wall

Position: Transfer Advisor & Recruiter
Phone: (425) 352-3197
Email: kab28@uw.edu

Programs: Business

Hometown: Redmond, WA

Education: B.A. in History from Whitman College and M.A. in Student Development Administration from Seattle University

Favorite Movies(s): My all time favorite movie is Jurassic Park, and I also really like superhero movies. My favorites in that genre are Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol I and II) and Thor: Ragnarok.

Favorite TV Show(s): The Office

Favorite Book(s): I enjoy reading non-fiction, especially if it is about history!

Favorite Sports Team(s): I don’t watch team sports, but I am an avid viewer of figure skating and alpine skiing.

Favorite College Experience: I have a lot of great college memories, but I think my favorites would be all the times my friends and I ventured off campus to explore Walla Walla. I especially enjoyed bike rides and rollerblading excursions on the local trails and spending time on the beautiful main street.

Favorite WA Activity: Camping

Main Attraction at UW Bothell: The beautiful scenery (especially the view facing the wetlands).

Advice for Transfer Students: Before transferring, make sure to focus on academic planning so that you are completing all the requirements for your program of choice. After transferring, I encourage you to find ways to continue using all of your valuable transfer experience. Studying at different institutions gives you a unique perspective to draw upon in and out of the classroom!

Fun Fact: I lived in Japan for two years after college.