Administrators' Council at UW Bothell

Administrators' Council at UW Bothell

The Administrators' Council consists of school/academic/administrative unit Administrators/Leads and meets monthly to share information and seek/give input on a variety of topics, including new initiatives and changes in campus operations, as well as standing items, such as legislative updates.


Past Meetings

December 17, 2018

Enrollment Update - Steve Syverson
Husky Welcome Center - James Miller
FY20 Provost's Budget Narrative Questions - Ruth Johnston
Meeting Notes

November 29, 2018

Strategic Planning Exercise - Ruth Johnston
ASUWB Intro and Goals - President Leah Shin and Vice President Shugla Kakar
Meeting Notes

October 29, 2018

Introduction: Anita Krug, Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
New Budget Number Request Process - Segan Jobe and Ellie White
Student Employment Board Update - Beth Beam
UW Finance Transformation Presentation - Brian McCartan, VP of UW Finance
Meeting Notes

September 20, 2018

Campaign Update - Sean Marsh
Changes in UW Bothell Printing & Printers - Caitlin Moats
UW Bothell Food Policy - Kendra Yoshimoto
November 2 Day of Engagement - Beth Beam
Meeting Notes

May 30, 2018

Overhead Policy Update - Ruth Johnston
Finance Transformation Update - Segan Jobe
Shared Services - Kendra Yoshimoto
Draft Food Policy - Kendra Yoshimoto
Interfolio Update - Beth Beam
Meeting Notes

April  24, 2018

Finance Transformation Update - Ruth Johnston
Shared Services - Kendra Yoshimoto
Use of University Facilities - Nicole Sanderson & Peggy Brown
Merit Update - Beth Beam
Meeting Notes

March 27, 2018

Green Purchasing Plan/Campus Scanning Policy - Nicole David
Supplier Diversity Program - Kendra Yoshimoto
Internal Billing Policy - Kendra Yoshimoto
Budget 101 and FAQs - Christian Adams
Meeting Notes

January 16, 2018

Enrollment Update - Steve Syverson
Audit Findings Update - Kendra Yoshimoto
Meeting Notes

December 19, 2017

Introductions: Jeff Potter and Sheri Willis - Ruth Johnston
Dining Services Introduction and Update - Janel Nonhoff
UW Bothell Learning and Development Plan - Denise Rollin
Input on Provost's Budget Request - Ruth Johnston
Meeting Notes

November 29, 2017

Bothell Way Brainstorm - All
Provost's Budget Request - Ruth Johnston
Plan to Plan for Strategic Planning - Ruth Johnston
HR Admin Forum Update - Sharene Peltier
Fiscal Checklist (PPT) - Kendra Yoshimoto
Campus Master Plan/Legislative Update - Kelly Snyder
Meeting Notes

October 31, 2017

Team Building - Ruth Johnston
Combined Fund Drive - Cassie Lubenow
Campus Safety/Emergency Preparedness Update - Cham Kao & Darren Branum
General Faculty Organization Intro & Goals - Linda Watts
Modern Think Update - Beth Beam
Meeting Notes

September 26, 2017

Discussion: Topics for Admin Council
Dom Juarez on ASUWB Intro/Goals
TAP Action Plan Update - Therese Zorich
Discussion: Training Ideas
Meeting Notes

Upcoming Meetings

January 31, 2019
February 27, 2019


Adrian Sinkler
Interim Director,
Institutional Research

Andrea Gallagher
Program Coordinator,
Center for Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

Andrea Neubert
Assistant to the Vice Chancellors, 
Advancement & External Relations/Planning & Administration

Andreas Brockhaus
Executive Director,
Digital Learning & Innovation

Ann Cox
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

Amy Stutesman
Bothell/Cascadia Campus Library

Bill Humphreys
Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Christine Howard
School of STEM

Cindy Shirley
Office of Research

Dorothy Baumgartner
Student Success Center

Gina Christian
Administrative Manager,
Student Affairs

James Miller*

Kellie Holden
Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal

Kendra Yoshimoto*
Fiscal & Audit Services

Liz Curtin
Program Operations Specialist,
Center for Reinventing Public Education

Marci Myers
Fiscal Specialist,
Business School

Nicole Sanderson
Maintenance & Construction Coordinator,
Facilities & Operations

Rita Johnson*
School of Nursing & Health Studies

Ruth Johnston*
Vice Chancellor,
Planning & Administration

Sara M. N. Ali
Academic Transition Program

Sharene Peltier
Organizational Excellence & Human Resources

Therese Zorich*
Administrative Services,
Facilities & Operations/Planning & Administration

Toni Hartsfield*
Program Manager,
School of Educational Studies

Amanda Kim* (support)
Project Manager,
Planning & Administration

* Admin Council Planning Team