Business fair from 2017

The values of inclusion, equity and justice are central to the UW's mission as a public university, and the fulfillment of those values is what the University's Race & Equity Initiative seeks to achieve.  The recent passage of the Statement of Business Equity by the Board of Regents codifies these values in university policy, making it clear that business practices will be guided by a belief in inclusiveness and equity.  UW Bothell will actively engage with small, local, minority & women-owned, veteran, and diverse businesses to create opportunity and transparency, while supporting the broader economy of Washington state.

For additional information about the most appropriate method to use for your procurement needs, go to:

UW Procurement Services

To directly access small, local and diverse businesses with existing university contracts click on UW contracts below for details. Please note, UW NetId and password is required to access this page.

Contracted Small, Local, and Diverse Business

Below is a list of small, local, and diverse owned restaurants and caterers in and around the Bothell area that are great lunch options.

Supporting Small, Local, and Diverse Caterers