Canvas Accessilbity Checklist

Canvas Accessibility Checklist

This checklist resource contains areas to check for Canvas course accessibility, links to tutorials and information to make your Canvas courses more accessible and usable to everyone. To start, let’s review some accessibility basics.

Why Accessibility Matters

Accessible Design Principles Tutorial


Check PDFs in Course

PDFs from Library Databases

Is a PDF article also offered in HTML format? Top 3 databases that offer PDF, HTML or other formats for articles  - Consult a Librarian

  • Academic Search Complete (General)
  • CINAHL Complete (Nursing)
  • CQ Researcher (General)
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library (Audio format available)

Check Office Documents in Course

Check Images in Course

  • Use text + images instead of text in images in content when possible. Add images alt text:
    • Simple images - Their meaning in context
    • Complex images (graphs, maps, etc.) - Meaning should be fully described in surrounding text and contain a short description in the alt text to identify it.
    • Decorative - Only for visual appeal purposes
  • Adding Alt Text to Canvas Images Tutorial
  • Images Library Guide
    Consult a Librarian

Canvas Pages

  • Syllabus, Home & Content Pages
    Canvas Pages Tutorial
  • Hyperlinks
    Should be descriptive, with the URL behind the name to inform the user beforehand the link purpose - For example, use Wikipedia website (not Wikipedia: Click here or
  • Tables
    Canvas Accessible Tables Tutorial


Course Home Page

  • What is the course Home page?
    Set Home Page Tutorial
  • Hide unused tools
    Manage Navigation Tutorial

Audio & Video

Is media captioned or a transcript available?

Broken Links Check

This tool will provide a report of any broken links in the course. To access go to course Settings > Validate Links in Content.

Inclusive Teaching Practices

Inclusive teaching basics, accessible Library resources, copyright-free media

Canvas Accessibility Resources Links

Why Accessibility Matters

Accessible Design Principles Tutorial

Accessible PDF Checklist

Fixing Inaccessible PDFs Tutorial

Creating Accessible Word Documents Tutorial

MS Word Video on Using Tables

PowerPoint Tutorial

Images Library Guide

Consult a Librarian

Adding Alt Text to Canvas Images Tutorial

Canvas Pages Tutorial

Canvas Accessible Tables Tutorial

Set Home Page Tutorial

Manage Navigation Tutorial

Accessible Video & Audio

Making Videos Accessible

Library Streaming Video Collections

Canvas Link Validation Tutorial

Inclusive Teaching Resources Presentation