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The University of Washington Bothell students are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity and behavioral conduct. These standards, which are detailed in the Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington (WAC 478-120-010-145) safeguard university functions, and protect the rights and freedoms of all members of the academic community.

The University of Washington Bothell community is committed to maintaining the highest level of academic integrity and behavioral conduct. Students, faculty, and staff are asked to REPORT whenever student misconduct is observed or suspected.

Student Conduct is responsible for upholding the Student Conduct Code and instituting the conduct process for students. We take a developmental approach to student success. The Student Conduct office supports staff, faculty, and students in both academic and behavioral misconduct issues and provides education about the Student Conduct Code. 

  • Adjudicate the conduct process for all university academic and behavioral misconduct
  • Consult with faculty and staff about issues and concerns as it relates to student behavior
  • Educate faculty, staff, and students about the code and conduct process
  • Advise stakeholders on program and school conduct models



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