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Academic Planning

21st Century Campus Initiative, UW Bothell Priorities Plan 2008-2020

Developed in partnership with faculty, staff, students, the Advisory Board and the Alumni Council, the 21st Century Campus Initiative (PDF) addresses our state’s need to expand access to higher education by outlining a vision for how we intend to grow in both size and excellence.

Other Academic Planning Reports and Documents

Arts Task Force Report (4/19/13) - PDF
The Arts Task Force was appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to consider ways to enhance curricular and extra-curricular arts education and engagement opportunities. The Arts Task Force Report includes 11 recommendations in areas including space and resources, curricula, and media arts. A campus comment period took place in May of 2013 to gather feedback on the recommendations.

Chancellor's Community Engagement Council (2/5/13) - PDF
The Chancellor's Community Engagement Council (CCEC) was appointed in February 2013 to guide UW Bothell's progress in fulfilling the commitment to community engagement outlined in the campus mission and identified as a priority in the 21st Century Campus Initiative strategic plan.

Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (11/8/11) - PDF
The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (CASES) was recommended by the Sustainability Task Force and appointed by the Chancellor. CASES is charged with coordinating and guiding progress fulfilling the 21st Century Campus Initiative commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Proposal to Establish Schools at UW Bothell (revised draft 4/5/11) -
The Proposal to Establish Schools at UW Bothell (9/30/10) was developed in consultation with the GFO Executive Council (EC) and the Academic Council in order to support recent and future campus growth in size and complexity. After incorporating campus input, the Chancellor and EC approved a final proposal on 8/29/2011.

Math and Quantitative Reasoning Task Force Report (3/28/11)- PDF
The Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning Task Force (MQRTF) was charged to consider how UW Bothell could move forward in initiatives for mathematics and quantitative reasoning across the curriculum. The resulting reporting offers a strategic plan for the teaching of and learning of mathematics and quantitative reasoning across UW Bothell's academic programs.

UW Bothell Program Evaluation Initiative Report (2/3/11) - PDF
As part of the Provost's Two Years, Two Decades (2y2d) Initiative, academic and activity units on the three UW campuses participated in the Program Evaluation Initiative in support of the FY 2012 budget planning processes. UW Bothell's report was developed in collaboration with the GFO and academic units and, while primarily focused on academic units, addresses contributions of the entire campus. Administrative units are engaged in a related evaluation process, which will be reported through other means and are not detailed in this document.

Writing and Communication Task Force Report (7/1/10) - PDF
The Writing and Communication Task Force was appointed in December 2009 to make recommendations to build on UW Bothell's work in writing across the curriculum. The report outlines a comprehensive set of short and long-term recommendations in four areas: curriculum, assessment, faculty development, and Writing and Communication Center and Academic Services.

Technology and Teaching Innovation Task Force Report (5/28/09) - PDF
The Technology and Teaching Innovation Task Force was appointed in October 2008 to identify ways UW Bothell can enhance the use of learning technologies in instructional activities, both on and off campus. The report included principles to guide decision-making, as well as a set of short- and long-term recommendations.

Sustainability Task Force Report (8/13/09) - PDF
The Sustainability Task Force (STF) was appointed to make recommendations defining the vision and scope for the sustainability initiative called for in the 21st Century Campus Initiative. The STF Report outlines recommendations for a sustainability vision, elements of a campus initiative, community and tri-campus partnerships, and strategies for moving forward.

Institutional Enrollment Growth Task Force Report (10/15/08) - PDF
The IEGTF was appointed in May 2008 to make recommendations to support the enrollment goals of the 21st Century Campus Initiative. The IEGTF report outlines a set of recommendations in areas including student recruitment, admission, enrollment and retention.

UW Bothell/Tacoma Transfer Student Survey - First Report (6/4/08) - PDF
Between March 21 and June 2, 2008, 1094 regional community college students participated in a UW Bothell survey regarding college transfer. This report focuses on students' academic priorities.

STEM Task Force - Final Report (4/7/08) - PDF
In January 2008, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Susan Jeffords appointed the STEM Task Force to make recommendations regarding future growth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields at UW Bothell. The final report was presented to campus in April 2008.

ASTP Committee Phase I Report - (1/15/07) PDF
On September 22, 2006, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Thomas Bellamy formed the Applied Science and Technology Planning (ASTP) group to make recommendations regarding future applied science, science, and technology programs at UW Bothell. The Phase I Report identifies promising program approaches through analysis of regional workforce needs, student demand and interest, and successful programs elsewhere. Phase II will involve developing a specific set of recommended majors, minors and/or concentrations.

UWB Human Subjects Review Task Force - Status Report (2/12/04) - PDF
Upon a request from the General Faculty Organization, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs appointed the Human Subjects Review Task Force in July 2003. The task force was charged with making recommendations for implementing the Human Subjects Review (HSR) protocols. The task force was asked to achieve two primary goals: (1) to develop and enhance learning opportunities, through workshops and other methods, regarding the roles and responsibilities necessitated by HSR at the University of Washington; and (2) to make recommendations regarding the extent to which (if any) the campus should assume responsibility for HSR processes at UW Bothell.

Report of the Research Grants and Contracts Task Force (June 2004) - PDF
Created in February 2004, the overarching mission of this task force was to enhance the successful pursuit and implementation of a wider range of research grants and contracts at the UWB. Specifically, the group was charged with three primary tasks: (1) to explore funding venues and enhance strategies for successful grant proposals; (2) to clearly articulate the UW grant/contract avenues and procedures; and (3) to create a relevant on-line grants and contracts "tool-kit" appropriate for the campus. The specific recommendations put forth by the task force can be found in its final report.

Report of the Academic Strategic Action Initiatives Committee (5-for-5) (June 2004) - PDF
In 2003 the General Faculty Organization and the Academic Council officially charged the Academic Strategic Action Initiatives Committee with identifying key initiatives for implementation in 2005. The name "5-for-5" refers to the five strategic academic initiatives that, having been endorsed by all key academic quarters, are to be implemented over the subsequent five years.

Lower Division Planning and CUSP

UW Bothell welcomed its first freshman class of 130 students in 2006, with curriculum and academic services coordinated by the newly chartered Center for University Studies and Programs (CUSP). The innovative lower division center was developed through an intensive campus-wide planning process and today supports the academic experience for over 500 pre-major students.

The materials below include the original planning documents and charter, as well as subsequent reports and documents related to the ongoing development of our lower division programs.

CUSP Governing Documents (3/10/11) - PDF
In accordance with the Reauthorization of the CUSP Charter process (approved 6/5/10), the GFO Executive Council and Vice Chancellor Jeffords have reviewed and approved the CUSP Implementation Task Force Report as an addendum to the original CUSP Charter. Together these documents (combined in this PDF file) will serve as the guiding documents for CUSP for the three-year period beginning Fall 2011.

CUSP Implementation Task Force (CITF) Report (9/29/10) - PDF
The CUSP Implementation Task Force (CITF) Report outlines the completion of the implementation process called for in the Reauthorization of the CUSP Charter, approved by Chancellor Chan in June 2010.

CUSP Reauthorization (6/5/10) - PDF
On June 5, 2010 Chancellor Chan reauthorized the CUSP Charter and approved recommendations for continued growth and enhancement of UW Bothell's lower division programs.

CUSP EC Recommendations (4/13/10) - PDF
Based on the findings of the CUSP Review Report and extensive campus-wide deliberations, the GFO Executive Council outlined a set of recommendations to guide ongoing lower division development.

CUSP Review Report (8/20/2009) - PDF
In February 2009, the CUSP Review Committee was appointed by Vice Chancellor Jeffords and the Executive Council of the GFO to undertake the third-year review mandated by the original CUSP charter (11/7/05). The CUSP Review Report outlines the findings from this comprehensive review process.

Survey of Admitted Freshmen (9/15/06) - PDF

Surveys of Entering Freshmen and Their Families (8/31/06) - PDF

Autumn 2005 Survey of UW Entering Freshmen (2/3/06) - PDF

Charge to the Founding Members of the FOCUS (12/17/05) - PDF
The FOCUS (Faculty Oversight Committee for University Studies) works to develop specific courses and processes to serve freshmen. The initial charge to the founding members outlined the work of the group, along with the criteria to guide that work.

Charter for the Center for University Studies and Programs (11/7/05) - PDF
On November 3, 2005 Chancellor Olswang approved the Charter establishing CUSP Charter. CUSP was created to manage coursework and assessment for UW Bothell’s lower division core and distribution course requirements, and facilitate coordination of academic programs, student life, and academic services for lower division students.

Final Report of the Lower Division Task Force (Initial Planning Phase) (7/7/05) - PDF
The Lower Division Task Force was charged by the GFO and the Vice Chancellor with recommending a curriculum, structure, and support services in order to implement a lower-division program, beginning in Fall 2006.

HECB Report on Branch Campus Development Plans (January 2005) - PDF

Planning Parameters for a Lower Division Program (12/10/04) - PDF
Parameters guiding the creation of a lower division program were outlined in this report by the GFO Executive Council. 

UW Bothell 2707 Report (10/17/04) - PDF
UW Bothell Report to the Washington State Legislature for Substitute House Bill 2707.