UW Bothell Alert

ALL CLEAR: Power has been restored on campus. Afternoon and evening classes beginning at 4:30 p.m. will be held as usual.


Centers and Institutes

As a young, growing campus, the University of Washington Bothell is deeply engaged in developing a strong but flexible infrastructure that will support a wide range of scholarly activities and community partnerships. Especially important to this growth is the establishment of academic centers, each with its own role and mission, but consistent with the larger mission of the campus. Chartered under the campus policy on Establishment and Management of Centers and Institutes, six centers are at and/or supported by UW Bothell:

  • The Center for Education Data and Research (CEDR) focuses on studying the complex relationships between K-12 education policies and practices, social services geared toward students, and student outcomes.  
  • The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) performs policy-oriented research on K-12 public education issues, including financing, human resources, governance, equity, and effectiveness.
  • The Goodlad Institute for Education Renewal supports PK-12 school renewal efforts locally and around the nation, and communicates about challenges and results that inform the public conversation about school quality.
  • development, teaching and application of interactive media technologies.
  • The Center for Student Entreprenuership was established with the goal of helping our students become successful entrepreneurs, as creators of their own innovative startups or as major participants in small dynamic companies.