Academic Success Coaching Program

About Us

UW student walking through their graduation ceremony raising their diploma up high and smiling.Our Mission

Academic success coaches guide students towards academic success when assisting students in developing and achieving their short term and long term academic, professional, and personal goals. Academic success coaches are available to support students in making the most out of their educational journey by facilitating the learning and application of successful academic skills. 

Available to all UWB students, academic success coaching occurs in 1:1 coaching sessions to work with students in improving their communication with professors, time management, learning strategies, goal setting and motivation, note-taking, and test-taking skills. Academic success coaches serve as a resource for students to learn how they can improve themselves as scholars engaged within our UWB community and greater community. Academic success coaching provides students with best practice tools and strategies designed to improve their learning experience and academic performance.

Learning Outcomes

We support students in:

  • Learning how to become strategic learners
  • Recognizing and utilizing on and off campus resources available to them
  • Identifying and building upon their academic strengths
  • Engaging in self-reflective activities to encourage development of self-efficacy and self-regulation
  • Creating  meaningful and attainable academic, professional, and personal goals
  • Prioritizing their academics along with self and community care 

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Hours: Monday through Friday 9am-5pm

Call: (425) 352-3786


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