Academic Affairs

Vice Chancellor's Biography

Dr. Susan Jeffords joined the University of Washington Bothell in September of 2007 as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs where she serves as the chief academic officer and is responsible for advancing the academic and scholarly life of the campus.  As Vice Chancellor, Jeffords oversees academic programs, the Teaching and Learning Center, Information Technologies, the Division of Enrollment Management and Admissions, Student Affairs, the Offices of Research Support and Institutional Research

Her accomplishments in that role include:

    • organizing and completing a comprehensive ten-year strategic plan for the campus’s academic growth
    • development and launching of new science initiative
    • restructuring of  the Divisions of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
    • development of new initiatives in sustainability, diversity, and educational technologies.

Jeffords instigated strategic planning that resulted in the 21st Century Campus Initiative, University of Washington Bothell Priorities Plan 2008-2020. Growth in academic programs, specifically Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) will continue to be the result. The UW Bothell launched its first new academic program in years. The Science and Technology Program houses new degrees in Biology and Electrical Engineering.

Previously Dr. Jeffords held the position of Vice Provost for Global Affairs for the University of Washington Seattle.

Jeffords served as a faculty member of the English Department before becoming Chair of the Women Studies Department in 1992.  In 1995, Jeffords was appointed Divisional Dean for the Social Sciences where she oversaw thirteen departments and supported the development of new interdisciplinary research centers and degree programs.

In addition, Jeffords has led delegations abroad in community-university strategic partnerships and was appointed by the UW president as the Chair of the International Task Force in 1995, which resulted in a university-wide report on the UW's international expertise and current activities.  Jeffords also serves on numerous boards that reflect the region's strong international interests.

Jeffords has written and taught broadly in the area of American popular culture, with a particular emphasis on Hollywood film, the Vietnam War, and feminism. She is particularly committed to increasing opportunities for more diverse and underrepresented communities to participate actively in higher education, including expanding opportunities for international engagement.