Assessment of Student Learning

Our goal is to support the fine work already being done on campus, to relieve faculty and staff of any duplicative or unnecessary aspects of this work, and to coordinate and make more visible the assessment activities that link us across the entire campus.

During the 2013/14 academic year, the UW Bothell campus benefited from Linda Watts leadership efforts on the assessment of the undergraduate learning goals adopted by the campus and approved by the E.C. in 2012.  Linda will continue in this capacity, serving as a point-of-contact for academic personnel (faculty and staff) who wish to confer regarding assessment of student learning.  Although her primary role will focus on our campus undergraduate student learning goals and how they might link with program and school learning goals, she is also available to consult regarding assessment of student lerning objectives at the course, minor/major, program/school, and campus levels.

Under Linda's leadership, working groups will be formed around each of the learning goals. In 2014/15 there will be four initial Assessment of Student Learning Working Groups. Each of these groups will focus on one of the campus-wide learning goals listed below:

  • Understanding of diversity in cultures, identities, backgrounds, and experiences among individuals and groups
  • Ethical reasoning in application to self, occupation, citizenship, and society
  • Proficiency in information and technology literacy
  • Proficiency in communication including writing, speaking, and fluency in a range of media and genres.

The working groups will be documenting our best practices in terms of assessing a specific campus-wide undergraduate learning goal, as well as developing a toolkit of resources available to those engaged in designing or revising assignments, units, courses, or programs of study in which that learning goal is central or key.