Council of Academic Deans


Vision, Mission, & Values

Within the context of UW Bothell’s vision, mission, values, and strategic plan, the Council of Academic Deans (CAD) provides significant advice and recommendations to the VCAA on core academic matters that cut across schools and other academic units. Core academic matters include academic policy and initiatives, curricular and co-curricular activities across the entirety of the undergraduate and graduate experience, and faculty and academic staff development.

Regular Membership

CAD is comprised of the VCAA, the Deans of the five UW Bothell schools, and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success. These academic leaders have direct responsibility for the academic degree programs at the University of Washington Bothell.

Ex-Officio Membership

Ex-officio membership includes the following key campus leaders who have portfolios that significantly intersect with CAD’s vision, mission, and values. The VCAA may designate additional representatives as needed.

  • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Research & Connected Learning
  • Associate Dean of University Libraries & Director of the UWB/CC Library
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs


  • CAD is co-chaired by one Dean (one-year term) and the VCAA with another Dean serving as vice chair (one-year term) and normally transitioning to the role of co-chair in the following year.
  • The Dean who most recently served as CAD co-chair mentors the incoming co-chair to provide continuity and support. In particular, the VCAA, outgoing co-chair, and incoming co-chair collaborate on lessons learned that guide the upcoming year.
  • If a Dean is unable to serve on CAD on an ongoing basis during the year, with the VCAA’s approval, that School’s Associate Dean or equivalent will assume the role on CAD. If the Dean who is unable to serve is the CAD co-chair or vice chair, the regular members of CAD will select a replacement.
  • At the beginning of the academic year, CAD will inform the campus of the group’s priorities for the year.
  • Regular members of CAD serve on key campus-wide committees where academic leadership is important.
  • Staff support for CAD is provided through the Office of the VCAA (e.g. website support, scheduling).
  • Meetings (2-hours in length) are held twice per month during the academic year (October through June) and less frequently during the summer term. CAD may also engage in additional meetings and retreats as needed.
  • Those interested in being part of the formal agenda for a CAD meeting should contact the VCAA’s executive assistant for a request form that will allow optimal scheduling and preparation for the type of engagement expected.

CAD Visit Request

To bring a topic to the Council of Academic Deans, please fill out the CAD Visit Request Form and send to Kathryn Rich at

Current members of the council

Regular Membership

Sharon JonesCo-Chair

Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Box 358522

Sharon Jones

Co-ChairSandeep Krishnamurthy

School of Business
Box 358584

Sandeep Krishnamurthy

Ed BuendíaSchool of Educational Studies

Box 358531

Ed Buendía

Shari DworkinSchool of Nursing & Health Studies

Box 358532

Shari Dworkin

Brinda SarathySchool of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Box 358530

Brinda Sarathy

Leslie CornickSchool of STEM

Box 358538

Leslie Cornick

Cinnamon HillyardAssociate Vice Chancellor for Student Success

Box 358511

Cinnamon Hillyard

Ex-Officio Membership

Carolyn BrennanAssistant Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Research & Connected Learning

Box 358523

Carolyn Brennan

Leslie HurstHead of Teaching and Learning / Interim Associate Dean and Director of the UWB/CC Library

Box 358550

Leslie Hurst

Caroline TitanAssistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Caroline Titan

Scott JamesVice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Scott James