Enrollment Management Committee


Dorothy Baumgartner, Director, Student Success Center
Ed Buendia, Dean, School of Educational Studies 
Bruce Burgett, Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Russell Cannon, Director of Institutional Research 
Emily Christian, Interim Dean of Student Affairs 
Terry Hill, Director of Orientation and Transition Programs 
Cinnamon Hillyard, Interim Director of First Year and Pre-Major Programs
Susan Jeffords, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, co-chair
Ruth Johnston, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Planning  
Connie Kieling, Enrollment Management Analyst
Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean, School of Business
Pamela Lundquist, Registrar 
Casey Mann, Chair, GFO Executive Council
Kathy Michell, Academic Advisors Committee
James Miller, Director of Admissions
Elaine Scott, Dean, School of STEM
Steve Syverson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
Amy Van Dyke, Director, Physical Planning and Space Management 
Linda Watts, Chair, GFO Executive Council
Mayumi Willgerodt, Director of Graduate Studies 


The Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) advises the Chancellor and the campus community regarding both short-and long-term strategies for management of both UW Bothell's expected growth, and when growth is achieved, the appropriate enrollment balance for sustained growth to fulfill the mission and vision of UW Bothell. Enrollment management is an institution-wide, systemic, comprehensive, research-driven system designed to recruit and retain students. The purpose of the Enrollment Management Committee is to review, monitor, and evaluate all aspects relating to the recruitment, retention, graduation, and support of UW Bothell students, informed by a systemic, comprehensive, and research-driven approach. The committee's work is broad-based and advisory, with tactical work to be taken up by individual offices represented on the committee. 


Meeting Schedule:

The EMC meets every last Thursday of the month from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in UW1-280.

EMC Charge Letter

Updated: September 2016