Council of Academic Deans

Council of Academic Deans (CAD) Mission

The Council of Academic Deans (CAD) provides core academic leadership for the UW Bothell campus. It is made up of the Deans of the five UW Bothell schools and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA). It is co-chaired by one Dean (one year term) and the VCAA, with another Dean as vice chair (one year term) and normally transitioning to the role of co-chair in the following year.

We understand academic leadership to include budget and planning with respect to academic objectives, coordination of curricular and co-curricular activities across the entirety of the undergraduate and graduate experience, and oversight of faculty and staff development. We set priorities and provide recommendations on academic matters that cut across schools and other units on campus. 

Council of Academic Deans (CAD) Priorities for 2017-18

In the current academic year (2017-18), CAD is particularly focused on:

  • Ensuring that campus strategic and fiscal planning and the new RCM budget model advance the academic mission of the campus and the 3 Cs (connected learning, cross-disciplinarity, and community engagement)
  • Grounding campus and school planning and goal-setting in the campus’s diversity, engagement, and inclusion mission, working in coordination with the campus’s Diversity and Engagement Councils.
  • Advancing initiatives and reforms designed to enhance the four-year undergraduate experience and the success of all students on campus regardless of their area of study, with special attention to  first and second year students. 
  • Elevating the visibility of the research and scholarly mission of the campus, and providing more robust support for research and scholarly activities, with particular attention to alignment with the 3Cs.
  • Continuing to create professional development opportunities for faculty and staff that build internal leadership capacities for the next phase of the campus’s maturation and the realization of its mission.

Current Members of the Council

Bruce Burgett

Chair of CAD

School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Box 358530

Bruce Burgett | 425-352-5350

Shari Dworkin

   Vice-Chair of CAD

   School of Nursing & Health Studies

     Box 358532

    Shari Dworkin | 425-352-5396

Brad Portin

School of Educational Studies

Box 358531

Ed Buendia | 425-352-5324

Sandeep Krishnamurthy

School of Business

Box 358584

Sandeep Krishnamurthy | 425-352-5229


Elaine Scott

School of STEM

Box 358538

Elaine Scott | 425-352-3179