Office of the Vice Chancellor

Academic Council

About the Academic Council

The Academic Council serves as an advisory board to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA). The Academic Council works with the VCAA to ensure and enhance the academic quality of the educational experience for students, to advance opportunities for scholarly success for faculty, and to facilitate collaborative relationships across all units engaged in the academic enterprise of the campus. The Academic Council helps to establish strategic academic priorities and identify resources needed to achieve them.


  • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Sharon A. Jones – Convener
  • GFO Chair, GFO: Gowri Shankar
  • GFO Vice-Chair, GFO: David Socha
  • Director, UWB & CC Libraries: Sarah Leadley
  • AVC Research: Carolyn Brennan
  • Dean, School of Business: Sandeep Krishnamurthy
  • Dean, School of IAS: Bruce Burgett
  • Dean, School of Educational Studies: Ed Buendia
  • Dean, School of Nursing and Health Studies: Shari Dworkin
  • Dean, School of STEM: Elaine Scott
  • Dean, Student Affairs: Tim Wilson
  • Executive Director TLC: Robin Angotti (interim)
  • Executive Director DLI: Andreas Brockhaus
  • AVC Undergraduate Learning: Cinnamon Hillyard (interim)


  • Director, Curriculum Development: Annette Anderson
  • Director, Strategic Initiatives: Jonathan Cluts