Workshops Schedule


If interested, please check out the calendar for specific times.

3D printing 101 workshops:

Have no 3D printing experience? This is the perfect workshop for you. We will show you how printers work, what we provide for you, and how to get files going. This will show you a general overview of each printer, but you should come to the 'running your first 3D print' workshop if you want more detail or hands on experience (ex: how to use each software, technical lingo, settings, and file set up).

Running your first 3D print workshops:

Learn the ins and outs of running your first 3D print. We will show you where to find free models, the differences between our printers, and how to execute a print.

Laser cutting 101 workshops:

Learn all the basics of laser cutting in the MakerSpace, including safety procedures, material types, and laser capabilities. If you need detailed help on how to set up a file or edit photos, please come to our file design workshop.

Laser cutter file design workshops:

Learn how to prepare your own file or design for cutting and engraving with the Universal Laser System. Find optimizations for photo engraving and the capacities and limitation of Laser cutting/etching wood, paper, and metal.

Vinyl cutter & button maker workshops:

Learn how to express your creativity and spread your message to others via the custom buttons and stickers. We will cover how to create a file, what softwares we have available, and allow to create your own personal button

CNC router basics:

Come learn the basics of using the CNC routers and the basics of preparing files and setting up machining jobs on the pair of CNC routers that we have in the makerspace. This workshop includes safety training, materials that are machineable, and machine capabilities.

Introductory sessions

Come by during our standard hours and ask a staff member if you are interested in any of the topics below!

Lasercutting prep 

This workshop is designed to teach people the proper steps to prepare their design files for laser cutting. This includes very basic use of Adobe Photoshop to manipulate design files into a format used by the laser cutter. 

3D printer use

A basic overview of how to operate the Makerspace's 3D printers. This includes an overview of the technology, loading and unloading filament, preparing 3D files for print & safety considerations when using the equipment.