Workshops Schedule


We are currently updating our Workshop schedule.

Here are a list of Workshops we have hosted in the past. Please let us know what your interests are!

3D Modeling Workshops:

This workshop will introduce attendees to Fusion 360, a free CAD software with is relatively easy to use.  The workshop assumes no prior experience with CAD software or 3D modeling of any sort, and will build from the ground up.  It will cover the layout of Fusion’s model environment (hot keys, build tree, timeline, etc.)  It will also cover sketching, geometric constraints, and rudimentary 3D operation such as extrude and revolve.  Ask a staff member or email any of us to express interest.

Aurduino Workshops:  

Interested in getting your hands dirty with programming and electronics? Check out our Arduino workshops! Arduinos and other microcontrollers are a great platform for creating anything as simple as an automatic garage door opener, all the way up to a robot or even a quadcopter. These are introductory workshops that require no sign up; just show up and learn! Ask a staff member or email any of us to express interest.

VR Workshop Sessions:

Looking to get involved with virtual reality development? Stop by our upcoming VR Sessions to learn how! Absolutely no experience, major, or background in CS is required! This is a great opportunity to learn how to develop for virtual reality systems, and find out about ongoing VR projects on campus. Ask a staff member or email any of us to express interest.

Basic Workshops

Come by during our standard hours (M-F 11am-5pm) and ask a staff member if you are interested in any of the topics below!

Workshop: Lasercutting Prep 


This workshop is designed to teach people the proper steps to prepare their design files for laser cutting. This includes very basic use of Adobe Photoshop to manipulate design files into a format used by the laser cutter. 

Workshop: Basic 3D Design


Workshop: 3D Printer Use


A basic overview of how to operate the Makerspace's Flash Forge 3D printers. This includes an overview of the technology, loading and unloading filament, preparing 3D files for print & safety considerations when using the equipment. 

Workshop: Raspberry Pi Robot


Check-out and use a Raspberry Pi Powered robot in the makerspace. The kit assembly instructions can be found here, and you are welcome to use the Windows IoT setup, or your own software setup.