Welcome to the resources page. Below you will find useful links to locations to purchase materials as well as links to educational resources such as design software and tutorials. Our staff can help you with questions about this page.

Carvey CNC Software

Our milling machines use Easel by Inventables.  Make your own account and model from home.

3D Printing Filament

1.75mm PLA - Compatible with Flashforge & Ender printers:

Amazon Basics - Generally costs less than $25 per 1kg roll with free shipping for prime members.

Just PLA 1.75mm PLA - Generally costs less than $25 per 1kg roll plus shipping.

Solutech 1.75mm PLA - Generally costs less than $25 per 1kg roll and, if you are an Amazon Prime member, it ships for free.

3D Universe 1.75mm PLA - Generally costs $30 per 1kg roll plus shipping.

2.85mm PLA - Compatible with Ultimaker  printers:

Overture 3mm PLA - Generally costs less than $25 per 1kg roll plus shipping.

3D Universe 3mm PLA - Generally costs about $35 per 1kg roll plus shipping.

Sheet Materials

Woods, Plastics, PCB, etc.

Inventables - Great site for getting materials for the CNC machines and laser cutter. All kinds of materials from common to exotic, and sold in sizes that will fit in the machines. 


Aluminum, Steel, Brass

Metal Supermarket - Good prices with a brick and mortar store in Everett. Will give a student discount if you show your ID.

Online Metals - Online metal store that will ship your order at a reasonable price. 

Printer and 3D Modeling Software

3D Design; Tools for creating 3D printable objects:

TinkerCAD - A very basic, online & free design tool. Along the lines of a 3D sketch-pad. --> Basic, general tool with an easy learning curve.

Autodesk Fusion 360 - A fully featured, professional 3D CAD design package. Students, hobbyists and anyone using this software for non-commercial purposes can obtain a free, 3 year license. --> Powerful, general tool with a moderate learning curve, has simulation and CAM tools

OpenSCAD - A 100% free, opensource CAD design environment featuring a code-based interface. This is the development tool used to create customizable designs on --> Powerful, task-specific tool with a steep learning curve

Blender - A free modeling and animation software that is designed for digital artists, and projects that are not dimension driven. Large amounts of documentation and tutorials are available.  --> Powerful organic shape modeling with animation tools

Print Prep Software; Tools for preparing models for printing:

FlashPrint - Software for using Flashforges finders in the makerspace.

Cura - Software for the Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker s5 and Ender 3 in the makerspace.


2D Design; Tools for creating laser-cut objects:

Adobe Illustrator - While not a free tool, Illustrator is installed on UWB computers and can be accessed by students for free. --> powerful tool with a moderate learning curve

Inkscape - a 100% free, opensource, 2D design tool similar to adobe illustrator. --> powerful tool with a moderate learning curve

Coding Environments

Simple Coding; Environments designed for lighter weight coding for Arduino and similar platforms:

Arduino IDE - Designed to write and upload code to the arduino platform, this IDE is simple and easy to use for beginners. --> Built to write code for Arduino Boards

Atom - Lightweight and extremely customizable, Atom is a text editor that features syntax highlighting, community pluggins, and themes to accomplish a whole host of tasks. --> Functional text editor that has strong community following

Complex Coding; Environments designed for creating full applications:

Visual Studio - Microsoft's build environment to create Windows applications. --> Designed by Microsoft for building windows desktop, mobile, and IoT apps

Unity - Game development environment that allows users of all times to make complex games for all sorts of platforms --> Loads of documentation and possible VR and AR uses