Our Staff

Makerspace Staff (current)


Rafael M.L. Silva

As the Makerspace Operations Manager I have the opportunity to work closely with students from all majors to help them to explore new interests and learn innovative skills. I’m always looking into new ways to help students and improve the Makerspace, so I’m happy to receive emails with suggestion or questions. You will probably see me on campus hanging out at the makerspace, teaching a workshop, or commuting around with my unicycle… feel free to approach me or send me a message.


Sunny Lim

I'm a senior majoring in Community Psychology. I'm interested in working with and assisting communities of all ideals and lifestyles through communication and collaboration. In my free time, I enjoy reading, learning new things, and having enjoyable and open conversations with everyone.





Paris Bruner

I am a second year student focusing on software engineering. During my time at the makerspace I have worked primarily with 3d printers, laser cutters, and raspberry pis. In my free time I enjoy reading, spending time with friends, looking at memes, and binge watching star trek(next generation).





Adam Zhu  

I am a senior at UWB studying physics and minoring in business who likes tinkering in robotics, 3d printing and problem solving. In my spare time, I like playing tennis outdoors and cooking. Feel free to ask me questions when you see me at the Makerspace. 






Payton Rollag

I am a senior Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for creation and solving problems. I have several years of experience with robotics, drones, 3D Modeling and printing, laser cutting, and various projects. My goal is to enter the Aerospace Industry after I graduate and continue to create amazing things. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have!



Tim Lum

1st year Masters in Cybersecurity Engineering (MCSE) student

Completed the Graduate Certificate in Software Design and Development program last year (2017-18)

B.A. in Architectural Studies (UW)

20+ years experience in construction and fabrication. Expert in wood and metals.

Also an aviator and archer.

Currently learning how to save the world through machine learning and artificial intelligence.