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Distinguish Teaching Award

The DTA is presented each year to a UW Bothell faculty member in recognition of teaching that richly exemplifies the high standards at the heart of the academic mission of the University of Washington Bothell. The DTA recipient will receive a $5,000 honorarium, be recognized at spring commencement, honored at the UW Bothell Faculty Recognition Reception and at the Awards of Excellence Ceremony at UW Seattle during spring quarter.

Any student, alumni, faculty, or staff member of the UW Bothell community may submit a one-page letter nominating a faculty member (previous recipients are not eligible). The letter should describe your candidate's teaching achievements at UW Bothell and a substantive nomination based on the criteria listed below.

Nominations for the 2019 DTA will be accepted through December 14, 2018

Please note, the DTA nomination process for the Seattle and Tacoma campuses are both separate and different, with earlier closing dates. Nominations submitted to the Seattle DTA site will not be forwarded to UW Bothell.


Criteria may be met in a variety of ways. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • development of innovative teaching methods
  • applying effective and timely ways of assessing student learning to improve instruction as well as learning
  • incorporating current scholarship into course content
  • integration of multiple disciplines in one's teaching
  • challenging and expanding traditional ways of knowing
  • deepening multicultural understanding
  • acting as an accessible and effective mentor outside of the classroom
  • finding ways to enrich clinical experiences
  • offering independent studies and internships that consistently stimulate, inspire and move beyond conventional expectations
  • demonstrating leadership in curriculum development within the instructor's own course offerings and at the program and cross-program levels

Nomination should be at least one-page in length (approximately 500 words) and can be pasted in  from a Word document, or a text file.

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Previous recipients of the UW Bothell DTA:

Karam Dana, Alan Boss, Janelle Silva, Wayne Au, Ben Gardner, Ron Tilden, Leslie Ashbaugh, Sundar Balakrishnan, Diane Gillespie, Peter Littig, Gowri Shankar, David Goldstein, Ron Krabill, Carole Kubota, Alan Wood, Suzanne Sikma, Carol Zander, Andrea Kovalesky, Bruce Kochis, Kevin Laverty, Carol Leppa, Cherry Banks, JoLynn Edwards, Michael Goldberg, Constantin Behler