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DRSCA Nomination

Distinguished Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity Award

The Distinguished Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award (DRSCA) is intended to recognize the significant scholarly and creative accomplishments of UW Bothell faculty. 

The DRSCA is presented each year to a UW Bothell faculty member in recognition of scholarly or creative achievement that exemplifies the standards of excellence that are required by the research intensive education environment of University of Washington Bothell. The DRSCA recipient will receive an honorarium of $5,000, be recognized at spring commencement, honored at the UW Bothell Faculty Recognition Reception and at the Awards of Excellence Ceremony at UW Seattle during spring quarter. The recipient will be asked to provide a campus-wide presentation of his-her work as well as a presentation for first-year students.

The criteria for this award include:

  • Distinction in and/or contribution to their scholarly field
  • Significant impact on local, national, and/or global communities
  • Considerable influence on UW Bothell research communities (e.g., undergraduate research, interdisciplinary search projects, leadership in a research center or initiative)

Nomination letters ought to emphasize noteworthy accomplishments in recent years, such as:

  • Publications
  • Citations
  • Reviews
  • External awards
  • Regional, national, or international recognition
  • Media coverage
  • Demonstrated impact on UWB students or research initiatives
  • Election or appointment to significant organizations based on scholarly or creative achievements.

Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on December 14, 2018.

Nomination should be at least one-page in length (approximately 500 words) and can be pasted in to this form from a Word document, or a text file.

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