Event advertising

Event advertising and non-endorsement language

Rental of UW Bothell facilities to any non-university organization or individual is conditioned on the user’s agreement to include a statement of UW Bothell’s non-endorsement of the user and the user's event or activities in all communications, advertisements, or any other printed, electronic, web-based, or broadcast/telecast information related to the event or activities on or in UW Bothell facilities.  All non-endorsement language must be preapproved by the Chair of UW Bothell’s Use of University Facilities Committee (UUF Committee).  The UUF Committee Chair may determine the content, size of print, and placement of non-endorsement language.
A copy of the proposed non-endorsement language must be submitted to the contract Program Manager (commrel@uw.edu) at least one month prior to the event.  Note that, as indicated above, no event communications, advertising, marketing, etc., may be published prior to the UUF Committee Chair’s approval.
The Program Manager will present the proposed non-endorsement language to the UUF Committee Chair for review and comments.  Upon completion of the review process, the Program Manager will share the review with the user, including any required changes to the content, formatting, or placement of the language.
Non-compliance with this condition constitutes a violation of UW Bothell’s regulations, WAC 478-136-030(5), and may result in immediate cancellation of the rental contract.
In addition to the foregoing, users must comply with UW Bothell’s policy on the posting, distributing, or disseminating of materials such as flyers or posters.