Website Projects

In addition to the services the Advancement & External Relations (AER) web team delivers, the team also works on major projects that affect the campus. Current projects are listed below; please take a look at what we're currently working on. We always want your feedback!

Kentico 10 update | Responsive website design | PDF Pilot Project

Thank you for your patience while this page is under development. Any questions should be sent to

Kentico 10 update

Currently the UW Bothell website is running on version 7, which is no longer supported by Kentico. The IT Enterprise Services Delivery Team (ESDT) has been working closely with the Advancement & External Relations (AER) web team to update our CMS to version 10; together both teams have assessed the work that needs to be done, are working on how the update will be implemented, will strategize how to train the campus, and so much more.

The update will also offer the campus the opportunity to migrate the website to the cloud with Amazon Web Services; migrating will offer many positive outcomes including logging into Kentico with our NetIDs. Contact the AER webteam for more details on the CMS update.

IT and AER hope to have the update completed by the second quarter of  2018. Trainings are estimated to begin in February 2018.

Responsive website design (RWD)

Responsive design means that a website will respond and adjust it's content according to what device you're using; if you're using a mobile phone or tablet it will rearrange the info in a way that fits well on that screen. The UW Bothell website does not change according to the end-user's device; this can only be done by the designer specifically inputting certain code to tell how to arrange content according to what device the end-user is on.

In order to accomplish this, we need will be deleting any custom coding done within the inline Source code on each page. This will impact content editors who have added their own CSS or JavaScript to their sites in order to implement a design they wanted. Content editors are encouraged to remove custom coding and are welcome to work with the web team to find a better alternative.

The AER webteam plans to conduct user research through focus groups, surveys, and card sorting to determine the website needs of the campus community. Through that feedback as well as data collected through independant research, the web team will create new templates, design a new UWB homepage, update the UW branding throughout the site, and more. 

IT and AER's timeline is TBD.

PDF Pilot

The initital phase of the PDF pilot has been completed.