Kentico CMS

Managing Pages

Locating Existing Web Pages

Once a web page is created, the document name chosen will represent the title of the document (webpage), the URL extension, and the web page tab title. The name of the web page title on the document tree, or the page title, or the page tab title can be changed to a different name. The URL extension is not changeable once it is created. As a result, to search for a web page, you can search by the URL extension, or by the page title.

Option 1

Note: This method only searches through the subpages of the current page your are on.

  1. At the top left click on Content
  2. On the view mode selections, click on List
  3. You will see a list of all of the subpages. On the name filed area, select a search category from the drop down menu:
  4. Type your keyword on the search field, and click on show.

Option 2

You can search for a page by the document title.

  1. Under Document search tree , click on Search (bottom-left)
  2. Type the page name on the search field, then click search
  3. A list of web page(s) containing the keyword "business" will show.
  4. Click on the page title you are searching for, and the page document (webpage) will open under the page tab.
  5. Checkout the page to edit.

Creating a new Web Page

  1. Top Left of the screen click on Content
  2. On the document actions area, click on New 
  3. Select Standard
  4. This will redirect you to a new screen. Select Standard and click Save.
  5. Naming the page:
    • On the Document name filed, make sure to use a short but clear name, try to limit spaces (Example: "applyprebus") The name chosen in there is the name that will show on the document's URL. Make sure that the chosen name is meaningful yet short.

Deleting a page

To delete a document, click on Delete button in the document action toolbar. Once a document is deleted it can still be restored.


  1. Under My Desk menu, click on Recycle bin
  2. Click it and you will see all the deleted documents on the right side.
  3. Find the deleted document and click Restore.
  4. Now you can switch back to the Content tab and you will see the restored My second news added back to the default location.

Note: Do NOT click on the X. The document will be permanently deleted, and will never be restored.

Changing document order

To move a document within the same level of the content tree:

  1. Click the page you want to relocate in the content tree and click the Down or Up button in the document action toolbar. You'll see that your page has been moved.
  2. Now switch to the Live site view mode and you will see that your page has been moved in the main menu as well.

Moving documents to another section

Before doing this, it is best to contact the Web Designer in the Office of Advancement, who can help ensure a usable and consitent information architecture for your wesbite.

To move a document to another level of the content tree:

  1. Click the page you want to move in the content tree. Then click the Move button in the document action toolbar.
  2. In the web dialog, click on the document where you want to move your page (e.g. the Company section) and then click Move document button at the bottom.

Your page has been moved to the chosen location.

Copying a document

To copy a document from one place to another:

  1. Click on the document you want to copy in the document tree and click the Copy button in the document action toolbar.
  1. In the web dialog click on the location where you want to copy your document. Then click the Copy document button at the bottom.