Website Forms

Kentico CMS has a built in feature used to create forms for the website. Forms, or BizForms as Kentico calls them, can be a great way to organize information needed for requested services, events, trainings and more. Forms can send data that is submitted to either an individual or a shared NetID email account; the data can also be exported into a manageable Excel spreadsheet. Below are a couple examples of how forms are used on this site:

Not sure if a form is the right choice for you? Talk to the Advancement Web Team about what your ends goals are and we can help find the best solution for your  needs. 

Getting to Bizforms

  1. To the right of the "Content" and "My Desk" tab, click on the "Tools" tab
  2. Click on the "Forms" button
  3. If needed, search by "Form name"

New Form Request

If you would like to create a new form, please fill out a New Form request. To make changes to an existing form, please fill out a Web Quick Request form.

Form Documentation

The documentation below is for form "power users" who frequently edit their forms. The Advancement & External Relations web team typically make the below edits for users. To request edits to your form, please fill out our Quick Request form.