Accessible content

Content accessibility checklist

Publishers and editors are responsible for their content in ensuring that it is compliant. Below are some Kentico specific instructions for publishers and editors at UW Bothell on how to make your web pages accessible. 

This page will continuously the updated so please check back often. Documentation suggestions are always welcome, please send documentation ideas to


The documentation below is intended to only support the editor in learning how to make their content accessible. A list of documentation on how to use the editor toolbar in Kentico can be found here.

  • Headings should be in semantic order
  • Images need alternative text 
  • Tables need table headers and captions
  • Meaningful Link Text means text that is hyperlinked should be able to stand alone independently of its context. For example, links like “click here” and “more” are meaningless out of context.
  • Videos should always have closed captioning
  • Electronic Documents (PDFs, Word Docs, etc.) need to be accessible. How you make it accessible depends on the format (.pdf, .docx, etc.)
  • External applications need to be checked for accessibility prior to procuring it. The university is liable for inaccessible software, programs, etc.; the vendor is not liable.

Download the accessibility checklist