Mitchell Kopitch, Peer Consultant

mitchell.jpgMajor: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: English – Writing Concentration
I’ve been writing since I was ten, though not in the way you might expect. I am not, and have never been, a book worm. My field of study is indeed English/Creative Writing, but I like to highlight that the important part is in learning how to portray our authentic selves through various forms of expression. For me, reading does not necessarily correlate to becoming a better writer. I’m a huge movie buff, an avid gamer, conversationalist, and lastly, a casual reader. It’s really in story and imaginative worlds that I find my creative voice, from books or otherwise.
I’m trained in writing, but I don’t subscribe to tunnel vision. I’m curious to learn what voice you have, and how I can best help you develop it. I find that if you can discover what you want to say, and give yourself the freedom to say it, what you find is a sustainable creative practice that extents to all aspects of your life. Every person has their own unique way of communicating; the last thing I want to do is undermine that. Yes, we will deal with the grammatical guardians, but the good stuff, the privilege of hearing someone out, that’s what keeps me coming back to writing.
Outside of the WaCC, I am currently working on a young adult fantasy novel that is heavily inspired by video games such as Zelda, Halo, and Dark Souls, games I am actively playing when my inspiration exhausts itself. I also enjoy walking my dog, and watching MST3K, preferably with hot chocolate and a log in the fireplace.
As a peer consultant, I look forward to sending you off from our consultations with renewed vitality!