Kathleen Sundet, Lead Peer Consultant

Major: Law Economics and Public Policy

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When I started my freshman year here at UWB I had no idea what I wanted to major in or where I wanted to go.  All I knew was that I had always enjoyed writing, but I thought: what can I do with that interest? Through the wide range of classes I took that year, I always found enjoyment in writing. It took a tough professor commenting on my papers for me to realize it was time to go with my gut and pursue something I would enjoy. I decided that I would work towards a degree in English and one day become an editor. Soon after deciding upon my path I discovered open positions in the WaCC, and I knew that I had made the correct choice. 

My writing process often begins with brainstorming and identifying all of my ideas. I like doing this by hand, in a free flow of thoughts in whatever order they come to me. Inevitably this leads to a messy page, but I can identify which ideas I think will work best, make a plan and then begin a rough draft.

By far the thing that I enjoy most about writing is finding an idea and shaping it so that others can understand me and where I am coming from. At this stage in my academic career, I have become very used to and comfortable with research writing as well as persuasive and expository papers. For me the best part of writing is looking at a completed project and feeling that all of the hard work I put into conveying an idea paid off. I hope to inspire the same joy that I feel while effectively conveying ideas through writing to other students.