Evan Leahy, Peer Consultant

evan.jpgMajor: Media and Communication Studies
I transferred to UWB at the beginning of the 2016-2017 year. I’ll be graduating from the Media & Communications program in June 2018. Writing and communication are important to me because of the ways in which it allows people to connect. As I’ve studied more about communication and the writing process, it has become increasingly important to me and a growing fascination.
Prior to transferring to UWB, my areas of study had focused on communication theory and journalism. While that was the beginning of my interest in the study of how communication works, there were some limitations in format and style I found somewhat challenging. Journalism was interesting to me, but so were novels, screenplays, poems and other less rigidly structured ways of writing. I wanted to study communication, but what drew me to the Media & Communication program at UWB was the flexibility within the program.
To me, the most exciting part of a writing project is when clear ideas start to take shape on the page. Good planning and outlining is important in writing, but the steps after that are my favorite. That’s when there is enough structure that the writing process feels like a natural extension of the thought process. That’s when writing begins to feel exciting and different from some less enjoyable academic work.
The process of writing is important to me and I appreciate opportunities to be part of that process for other people. The process is often more important to me than the finished product. I find I learn most from practice and meeting new challenges and look forward to sharing those experiences with others.