Emily Fuller, Peer Consultant

Emily-F-(1).jpgMajor: MA in Cultural Studies
BA: Philosophy, Smith College

Writing is a huge part of my life; it is central and essential to my existence. Obviously, being a student requires a fair amount of writing, but in the four years I spent out of school between my BA and my Master’s, I still wrote every single day. I have a journal where I record personal thoughts and process my emotions, a hefty collection of postcards and stationery that I use to send letters and notes to my friends and family in other states, and a paper planner where I write lengthy to do lists weekly.  I cannot stress enough how important and powerful I believe communication through written words to be.

As an MA student in the Cultural Studies program, I think a lot about the power of people sharing their stories and the importance of centering individual narratives when talking about the experiences of a group or groups of people. Because of this, I feel inspired by supporting my peers in the collaborative and ongoing process of effectively communicating through writing, and also realize the many challenges and roadblocks that different people may encounter when attempting to write, communicate, and make their stories heard.  

Writing has always come naturally to me.  This is not to say that I don’t experience challenges with my own writing processes; writer’s block is a frequent unwelcome visitor of mine and I often enlist the insight and support of my friends and peers when writing or revising a piece of work.  However, I do recognize that strong verbal communication and an intuitive grasp of English grammar are strengths of mine, and that these strengths have given me access to many opportunities. I have also met and worked with countless brilliant, creative people who struggle to effectively convey their ideas through language. As a peer writing consultant, I hope to help my peers to strengthen and sharpen their thoughts, ideas, and stories through working collaboratively on papers, presentations, creative projects, or any other writing or communication project.

Aside from my passion for writing and storytelling, I enjoy hanging out with my adorable dog Grrl, working on creative and activist projects with my friends and community, and exploring Seattle, where I just moved from the East Coast!