Aliya Perez, Peer Consultant


Major: Community Psychology

There's no better feeling than a pen gliding over paper. The ink inspires me to keep writing; it makes me want to sing. I owe it thanks for sparking creativity in me and giving me the passion for writing lyrics. 

                I have been writing song lyrics as a creative outlet for years now, and it helps me express myself. My sense of writing style has developed and writing is so much more enjoyable. Adding personal flair to a paper is my favorite part of the writing process. Style is not just something that sets one writer's work apart from another's; it gives a sense of who that writer is. Without strong style, how can anyone communicate in their own unique way?

                Communication is one of the most important aspects of life, which is why I chose to pursue a Community Psychology degree. We all have different ideas and opinions that matter and should be shared. As a peer consultant in the Writing and Communication Center, my hope is to help students communicate with confidence in a way that highlights their personality and style. 

                I enjoy collaborating and keeping an open mind for different opinions. I will always create a safe space to learn and grow. In writing conferences, I strive to keep these core values present while working with my peers because creativity leads to better writing.