Vivi Nguyen, Peer Consultant

Vivi3.jpgMajor: International Business 

Growing up as the only English speaker in a Vietnamese household, learning how to communicate was a large part of my education. From a young age, I have always been interested in language arts. In high school, my favorite class was IB
Literature. Although I definitely liked reading certain works more than others, that class strengthened my love for literature analysis, and helped me form critical reading and writing skills which I am excited to share with others.

My favorite part of the writing process would definitely be the prewriting. This is where I can get creative with ideas and organize my thoughts. I have found that prewriting is an
extremely important step of the writing process as it can help make the actual writing less frustrating. Words seem to just flow more easily when you have a clear idea and structure in your mind.

Currently I am an international business major, and my main passion lies with promoting music on an international scale. My love for music led me to working as an editor for a music press site, where I assisted reporters with their writing process. Through that job, I discovered that I actually like helping others through the creative process rather than doing the writing myself. I’m thrilled to be
doing similar work for the WaCC. I hope to utilize my skills to engage with others and help them learn more about their own writing styles.