Tracy Gregory, Lead Peer Consultant

tracy.jpgMajor: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics

BA: English with an emphasis in Creative Writing

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Writing is a lot like barfing. Yes, you have the initial regurgitation, but you are not going to leave the mess on the floor. Similarly, you are not going to create a polished piece of writing in the first draft. You also are not going to attempt to clean up your vomit with just your bare hands. You would grab some cleaning supplies to help you get rid of the mess. In regards to your writing, you are not going to write a quality piece of work without tools to help craft your ideas.

It takes multiple drafts and many resources to create a polished piece of work, and I am here as one of those resources to assist at any stage of your assignment to get you to that finished point.

Bodily fluids aside, I have been writing since I learned how to use a pencil in Kindergarten. It allows me to express a side of myself I can’t always tap into by thinking or communicating orally. These days I mostly express myself through poetry and my work in the MFA Creative Writing and Poetics program. While I also have a lot of experience with English literature essays and literary criticism, I can help you with any assignment you are having difficulty with at any stage and any draft.   



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