Scott Brown, Peer Consultant

Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: Whitworth University, English

ABSTRACT: This bio will take the reader through Scott Brown’s revision process without addressing any of his work or writing views (a Peer Consultant as a symbiotic relationship: fulfillment of helping students with their writing, but the Consultant also growing as a writer and teacher; pushing himself to always innovate in some way: to leave things if not better, at least, bigger than he found them).


Draft 1

Something or other about revision (expand).

Draft 2

Revision is my favorite part of the writing process.  I always struggle with the first draft and wonder why I am punishing myself by attempting to write.  Then I get to revise and I remember.  I used to describe revision like solving a puzzle, but maybe it is more accurately a puzzle made for small children, that is, one with many solutions.  Actually I have never heard of a jigsaw puzzle (though it doesn’t need to be a jigsaw puzzle, does it) with many solutions, even for young kids.  There goes that analogy.  Oh, and it insinuates that revision is so easy little kids can do it, which is not true at all and condescending.  I’m not condescending.  I’m sorry for giving that appearance.  All I mean is I like finding ways to make things better.

Draft 3

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