Navee Kaur, Peer Consultant

Majors: Biology and Chemistry

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In high school, I hated being forced to read Shakespeare. Forcing a 13 year-old freshman to annotate and look up the definition of thousands of words in Old English was beyond cruel. Over the years, however, I came to the realization that no single form of reading and writing exits. I love literature but I prefer researching and scientific writing over poetry and prose. I spent countless hours researching for my independent higher-level IB Biology project and I spent days writing draft after draft on my report.

Writing as a career or a hobby never appealed to me. The scientific community requires writing that is simple yet effective, and for a majority of my life, I kept my writing that way. I am by no means a fantastic writer. With scientific writing being so heavy with detail, it becomes difficult to structure a paper, especially with time constraints and word limits. That’s why I love free writing since it enables me to put the details on paper without having to worry about structure, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Rather, I should say especially if it doesn’t make any sense because you can always come back and edit a messy and scrambled paper; but it can be hard to remember a lost thought.

I am a pre-medical student, double majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Apart from my studies, I like to spend my free time working out or sleeping in. I enjoy helping others with just about any discipline, as long as it is within my reach. That is why I look forward to meeting new students as a Peer Consultant every day.


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