Writing and Communication Center

Luca Perer, Peer Consultant


Major: Business Administration

I grew up in Hong Kong and spent most of my life there. The transition to the American academic system was by no means easy for me. Learning to write papers using alien formats such as MLA and APA that had seemingly endless rules was just the beginning. The biggest difficulty was learning how to prepare for and write my high school research paper.

The two months during summer break that it took me to painfully pump out my twelve page IB Extended Essay was quite possibly the most excruciating experience I have had with writing. My struggles began at the beginning of the process with finding a subject to write about, and snowballed from there. My biggest mistake was that I collected research that I couldn’t use. I found newspaper articles that mentioned my topic but that were from ranging time periods, different subjects, points of view and were practically useless.
The only thing I had going for me was that I was in love with the story I was trying to tell. It wasn’t until my freshman year in college that I started asking for help and my writing really began to improve. I learned to plan and structure my paper. I learned how to research topics and cite the sources. All of a sudden I was able to write six to eight page research papers easily and enjoy it.
Now I am working at the Writing Center and I want to call out to the student body. Incoming freshmen and graduating seniors: weaknesses are only weaknesses if you let them be. Writing is a process we can always improve on.
Come. Learn. As long as it may take you, or as short as your visit may be, step-by-step, we can help.