Writing and Communication Center

Linda Dodge, Peer Consultant

LvworthXmasEBDay2012-050-(1).jpgBachelor of Arts in Psychology (emphasis in Communications)

My favorite type of writing is personal experience/short article/personal essay though I do also write some serious poetry and some "odes"/rhyming poetry for fun.

In second grade, my teacher took my short, rhyming Thanksgiving turkey poem and displayed it on the classroom bulletin board. From that moment on I wanted to write.

I graduated from the University of Washington Seattle with a degree in Psychology and an emphasis in Communications. Besides working as a consultant in the UW Bothell Writing Center, I theme read for Bothell High School, conference in writing clinics, evaluate student writing for a scoring center, and tutor. But my first love is freelance writing. My passion is writing something that reaches out and connects with others, even those you may not know, and touches or moves them in some way. My favorite moment in writing is when that idea "hits" you. For me, this usually happens when I am walking my dog, Boone, and have no way to write it down.

Writing is a creative process, like composing a song or choreographing a dance. It is meant to reach an audience—to be shared and acknowledged. It's about getting the message in our minds clearly down on paper. Revising is not about "fixing" bad writing—it's about making an even amazing piece of writing better.

I believe everyone can write, and I look for opportunities where I can work with students and help them discover their original voice. That's what allows them to write uniquely in any mode and on any subject. That is why collaboration in places like the Writing Center is so valuable. Through support and feedback from others, a writer can find the confidence she needs to edit her own work and discover what makes her writing unique.

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