MFA: Creative Writing and Poetics, University of Washington, Bothell

BA: Anthropology, Minor in English/Writing, University of Michigan, Dearborn

Even though I have been writing since I was five (in large scrawling cursive imitation), I developed an intense and complicated relationship with writing the past few years working in the WaCC and completing my MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics. 

Just because I’ve devoted my life to it, writing still does not come easily. Writing is patchwork. False starts. Jump starts. Jumping in. I could never build a house the way I write an essay. The bathroom would sit suspended in midair, the stairs leading to nowhere. 

I am dedicated to working with writers whether they’ve just begun or need someone to wade through a swamp of ideas with them. In collaboration new avenues for thought can emerge. In working through writing together we are given the permission to broaden and deepen our thinking. 

I earnestly believe that writing, and more importantly, the thinking behind writing, can change the world. When one writes, they are oftentimes inscribing the self. And it truly depends on which country, culture, gender, or generation the writer has sprung from that determines whether the writingself is legitimized. 

We are disciplined when we write within the universe, and the interdisciplinary approach allows us to write our way through this rigidity. Let writing loosen the strictures. Become aware of not just the words on the page, but how they function in the world. Take your unique voice and put it to good use.

Pick up the pen. Start a revolution.