Laura Burgher, Lead Peer Consultant

Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics

Ever since I first turned the last page of “Hop on Pop” I have been seen with a book in hand. Writing naturally followed and has been following me ever since – whether I like it or not. My writing tends to be creative and expressive but I do thoroughly enjoy research and academic writing as well. I came to the MFA Creative Writing & Poetics program at UW Bothell after cycling through a half-dozen majors (settling on Anthropology), living in a half-dozen cities (settling in Seattle), and traveling to over a dozen countries.

Writing has always been the way that I think, express, create and learn. I enjoy all of the steps in the creative process from the “stumbling in the dark” phase all the way up to the pretty, polished paper. I like working with people at any stage in this process, whether it’s brainstorming, exploring resources for research, outlining, crafting drafts, or polishing the final paper.

Writing can be frustrating, challenging, and demoralizing. Writing can also be liberating, uplifting, creative and extremely important. Writing allows you to communicate effectively with the world. It allows you to express yourself.  Writing is about being inspired but also about being stuck. I encourage all writers to work past whatever is blocking them and not to be afraid of writing down the worst garbage they’ve ever seen. Deep in that mess there’s bound to be something you can work with. If I let myself fall victim to my inner critic I would have stopped writing ages ago.

Writing is many times a struggle, but feeling the satisfaction, relief, and sense of accomplishment when I’m holding that crisp, stapled paper in my hands more than makes up for it. I aspire to help people move past and through the challenges they face to become stronger, more confident, and happier writers.