Kyle Piper, Peer Consultant

Major: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

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The English language is terrifying. I’ve been around it since the day I was born, but even now it will occasionally give me the shakes. A thought is one thing, but expressing it—applying the rules and regulations of language to it—is something else entirely. Even as I attempt to write this brief bio, I feel the self-doubt and second guessing accumulate in the back of my mind. Fortunately, self-doubt and second guessing are the sorts of things that can be combatted with determination and maybe a little caffeine.

Unlike my sister, who cranks out high quality papers in twenty minutes like the Terminator reprogrammed for English composition, I am known to spend upwards of four hours on a rough draft, staring at that little flickering black bar on a white page in Microsoft Word and failing to compose my thoughts into anything resembling prose. There’s no breakthrough or epiphany, just a long slog, one word at a time until the end. But even though it’s never easy, I always pull it off. You’re reading this aren’t you?

My point here is that no amount of stress and anxiety is insurmountable when it comes to writing. Remember that William Shakespeare wasn’t some kind of superhero: he was just a guy who stared at the blank page long enough to figure out how to say something worthwhile. I believe everyone is capable of that, no exceptions. The sense of accomplishment that comes from overcoming those mental barriers and putting something on the page is ultimately why I really love writing. I want to help you achieve that feeling no matter how long it takes you to convert ideas to words, even if you’re one of those literary machines. Whatever project you bring in, I look forward to helping you find confidence not only in your assignment, but in yourself as a writer.