Kristoffer Warren, Peer Consultant

Business Administration

I have always viewed writing as a way for us to share our imagination with one another, turning intangible thoughts into visual works. Sharing our thoughts through writing allows us to slow down. Contrary to conversation where we are forced to grasp for lesser than adequate words strung together by absent-minded phrasing, writing gives us the time needed to effectively convey our message.

When we visualize an image or an intricate storyline, writing lets us share our imagination exactly as we’d like too without flaw. In a professional or educational setting, writing is a tool that allows us to get our opinions across without any discrepancy as to ‘what are we getting at’. Regardless of whether we are writing for professional or recreational purposes, through scrupulous revising, we are always trying to leave an impression on our audience.

Since I enjoy exploring my imagination, as well as perusing the world’s combined knowledge for hard evidence, science fiction and research writing have become my two favorite forms of literary communication. In the world of science fiction anything is possible, whereas in research writing, you have to provide evidence that supports an idea that you ultimately become an expert in. I joined the Writing and Communication Center as a way to condition my strengths as well as find new ones. Through practice and stick-to-itiveness I am able to help others tackle analytical reading, as well as create helpful outlines for both scholarly sources and personal papers. As a business major, through my time at the writing center I hope to better my communication skills as well as learn how to effectively help others through the writing process.

I look forward to exploring the wonders and uses of writing with anybody eager to join me.


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