Katrina Cohn, Peer Consultant

Major: Global Studies

After receiving my Associate’s degree from Cascadia Community College a few years ago, I took some time away from school in order to travel throughout Europe, central Asia, and India. I have returned to the Global Studies program here at UW Bothell in order to put the things I have seen and experienced into a broader context. While my educational path has not followed a traditional trajectory, I find the things I learn during my travels to be equally as educational as what I learn in the classroom. However, the one thing I have found that remains consistent within academia and out in the “real world” is that everyone has a story to tell. Regardless of language or location, people want to tell their stories and connect with one another.

It has been my experience that writing is one of the best tools in which to foster that connection. It is only recently that I’ve given any thought to the writing process itself and its versatility as a tool for cross-cultural communication. Writing used to be just something that I did to meet the requirements for a paper, to take minutes for a meeting or publish policy procedures for work, or even to share the poetic phrase in my head on Facebook. The more I write for school, for work, or for myself, the more I enjoy the process of capturing my ideas in order to communicate my story to the world outside.

Not only do I enjoy communicating through my own writing, but I also appreciate seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and words. From capturing that first elusive wisp of an idea to the last minute tweaking and polishing of a paper, I can help you find the story you want to share with the world.