Writing and Communication Center

Kat Seidemann, Peer Consultant


BA in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior and Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences: Media & Communications, UW Bothell

My favorite types of writing: poetry, creative non-fiction and research essays

If only algebra had required writing essays, I would have aced those courses in community college. Seriously though, writing is my passion and it has enabled me to become an accomplished student.

I have always been a voracious reader and a fan of playing with words, but until I started to write, I had all of these great words, past experiences and new ideas, but no way to make use of them. While in community college, I rediscovered the joy of writing. I began using the college’s writing center where I found I benefited from, and enjoyed, the collaborative process. I also discovered I like many forms of writing, but poetry is my favorite because it allows me to project thoughts and emotions using an economy of words. Through writing poetry, I have learned to value each word, and this ability has made my other forms of writing stronger.

I like to look for creative ways to enliven dry topics in essays and research papers. I have even been known to do things such as slip Rolling Stones’ lyrics into a psychology paper, or to write a Virginia Woolf literature summary using Freudian theories. I think it is important to find that little something that interests you in your topic and to connect it to your life. This makes paper writing more fun and makes your writing unique. This is why my favorite stages of writing are brainstorming and fine-tuning.

Writing allows me to express myself in creative and effective ways. I am empowered by writing because I choose which words to use, and how to use them. Now, as an IAS student and Writing Consultant, I have the opportunity to help my peers feel empowered through their own writing. I can pass on my love of word play, collaboration and writing to other students. How cool is that? Yes, I thought so, too.