Jessica McGarvie, Peer Consultant

JessicaM1.jpgMajor: Law, Economics and Public Policy

     In the fourth grade I failed the writing section of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL). The prompt instructed us to write an essay about a mysterious door found in our school, and what was on the other side. I decided to write a marvelous and borderline erotic story about Shakira and her Hips Don’t Lie music video. I spared no detail. The upbeat street dancers moved fluidly, and their costumes were colorful with fluttering feathers. The musicians played their instruments with passion and soul. And of course, Shakira proved that her hips don’t lie! I imagine the grader wasn’t impressed— and possibly concerned—which is why they encouraged me to retry the writing portion in fifth grade.

     I believe anyone can write. It’s all there. All you need is to let it out, regardless of how it comes. My favorite quote comes from the writer, Anne Lamott, “I know some very great writers… not one of them write elegant first drafts. All right, one of them does, but we do not like her very much.” Writing comes from within, but without perfection—and that’s okay! Good writing comes from collaboration. You never have to attempt at writing alone. I’ve found my best work is a result of shoving a paper in my mom’s face and asking for suggestions. They're not always positive or what I expected, but it helps my work grow. My biggest goal as a peer tutor is to be there for you. I want to find the answers to all your writing questions, especially the weird ones! It may not come all at once, or be easy, but that’s the beauty of writing. 

Did You Know?

Seventy percent of first-year students are from diverse backgrounds