Henry.JPGMajor: Community Psychology

I used to feel that it was bogus that professors expected you to regurgitate the information you learned throughout the quarter in to an essay once you reached the end.  You just told me, didn’t you?  Why should I just say the same stuff back?  As I had more chances to write I began to enjoy the experience of writing, and its role in the production of my knowledge.  Through writing you gain the opportunity to grapple with ideas, and work them into something you own.  Something that’s compatible with your understanding of the information so you are able to easily recall it.  It lets you express a physical representation of the abstract that you’ve worked through in your mind. 

I transferred here to UWB to enter the Community Psychology program last winter, and I am excited to have the privilege of working at the Writing and Communication Center.  I’ve never really considered myself a writer, but I’ve always been a reader, and never shied away from writing projects in school.  Since coming to university I’ve grown to really appreciate writing, and look forward to those end of quarter essays where I get a chance to express myself. When I’m not at school my hobbies include playing drum set and keeping my cat, Halo, company.

As a Peer Consultant I want to help you best get your message across to your audience. I haven’t always felt comfortable sharing my work, so I plan on doing my best to create a non-threatening environment where students feel comfortable sharing theirs. Whether you’re working with a research paper, a presentation, or a personal statement I’d be glad to help you out at any step in the process.  So come on by, and let’s start learning together!