Writing and Communication Center

Gwyn Boyer, Lead Peer Consultant

BA in Community Psychology, UW Bothell

Currently working on the School Psychology Educational Specialist degree at Seattle University

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I enjoy writing research papers.

When I was in elementary school, I noticed that my parents would always sign their names with loopy scribbles. “What’s this?” I thought. My brother told me it was cursive writing and that it was how “grown-ups” signed their names. I fell in love with the loopy scribbles and would spend hours trying to write my name in the elusive cursive style. Starting out with a barely legible lower case g, I then added all the different loops and lines I could, to make my writing resemble what my parents had written. Once I learned how to truly write in cursive I realized my mistakes and how I was misinterpreting what my parents were actually doing.

I feel that the writing process can be similar to how I learned cursive writing. The more you work on your writing, both by yourself and with others, the better your writing will become. Without practice, a guide, or intrinsic motivation to learn the process, it’s much harder for the writer to learn how to effectively construct their paper.

I have explored many different aspects of writing, from creative short stories to research papers. During my academic journey, I received an A.A.S. through Everett Community College, and a bachelor’s in Community Psychology through UW Bothell. I am currently working on the Educational Specialist Degree in the Area of School Psychology at Seattle University. My eventual goal is to become a school psychologist. I chose this path so that I can help children in the beginning of their academic careers become more confident students, and eventually well-adjusted adults.
With my experience in writing I hope I can help you with any of your writing difficulties. Whether it is brainstorming, researching, close reading, or looking over your rough draft, I am here for you!


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