Danielle Tretyak, Peer Consultant


Danielle-(1).jpgMajor: Community Psychology

                I’m a Chicagoland native that enjoys putting a pen to paper and letting my creativity run wild. As a world traveler, I have picked up several languages like Spanish, French, Russian and more. I believe that exposure to other cultures and dialects strengthens a learner’s native language. After attending 5 different high schools in the United States, Russia, and finally graduating in India, I found that writing is one of the best ways to truly convey my thoughts and emotions about the world around me.

                Although I concede that it is a bit strange, my favorite part of the writing process is when I am given the assignment. Being tasked with work and deadlines can be migraine-inducing, but that momentarily goes away when I start thinking of the ways that I can write the paper. I believe that having a topic that you like or are interested in will help make the entire writing process become less grueling and more fun.               

                As a psychology major who has encountered a plethora of topics to write about, I have had to learn how to become a versatile reader and writer. A huge part of that process involved learning how to read and write academic papers as well as research a vast array of topics both scientific and anthropological. Being able to read and write in many different styles and knowing how to organize my thoughts on paper are the greatest abilities I have to help other students and peers who can get stuck in the writing process. My biggest hope working here is to be able to help other students with any writing process they are stuck on as well as give them confidence in their own words.