Major: Master of Arts, Cultural Studies
Community Psychology

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As I went through middle school I noticed that all of my English teachers provided me with contradictory information about writing. My emotions started to escalate and my mom happened to be my saving grace. As a middle school writing teacher, she taught me an outlining method for essays. From that day on, I continued to use the exact same format. My writing skills further developed, and I grew to take an interest in the writing process. Now I typically focus on research writing and excel in expository and persuasive essays.

Aside from being a Peer Consultant, I am a graduate student at UW Bothell in the Master of Arts in Cultural Studies program. As a full-time student, I love working in the WaCC because it not only affords me the opportunity to help our school’s community, but it also gives me the chance to further improve my expertise.

Outside of tutoring and school I am a natural (100% drug and substance free) bodybuilding athlete. I am in the gym six days a week, live a healthy lifestyle, and compete multiple times a year. I share this because I want my peers to know that I am a focused, determined, and dedicated person that will help them achieve their goals.

Writers can evolve with practice, and I am here to help my peers develop their writing skills throughout the process.