Ariana Bengtsson, Peer Consultant

“Ariana… Ariana, Ariana!” This is what I would finally tune in to as I felt a jab on my shoulder and was brought sharply back to reality and away from the world of whichever book I was reading. As a fourth grader, I would look around the classroom to see everyone else sitting in a circle in front of the teacher, with all thirty pairs of eyes on me. I was so engrossed in the various worlds reading transported me to that I frequently forgot both my physical surroundings and classroom obligations.

As I grew older, my love for reading translated into a love for writing. I vividly remember the turmoil of writing my first research paper in sixth grade—my first late night with barely any sleep. More importantly I remember the satisfaction of completing the paper and receiving positive feedback from my teacher.

Today, that same feeling of satisfaction and sense of productivity is what motivates me when writing research paper after research paper (after research paper). I love the writing process—in particular the brainstorming and development of ideas. The realization of having created something out of nothing still continues to amaze me. I enjoy learning about how each person communicates their thoughts and experiences and I hope to help others enjoy the writing process as I do.



Did You Know?

Forty-six percent of UW Bothell's first year students are the first in the families to attend college.