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Karen Rosenberg

"Welcome to the Writing and Communication Center! This is your space and we hope you'll visit us often. Let us know how we're helping you on your learning journey at University of Washington Bothell, and how we can work with you even more effectively..."

Assistant Director

Click here to view Erik's profileErik Echols

"After I completed my BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, I took every opportunity I could to immerse myself in writing center praxis..."

Lead Peer Consultants

Grace2.jpgGrace Boulanger
Major: Culture, Literature, and the Arts

"Writing is my therapy. It has been a cornerstone in my life since I was seven. It is something I have done my whole life without prompting..."

Katelyn.jpgKatelyn Oppegard
Major: MFA, Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: English Creative Writing
BA: English Literature

"I like to draft my text messages, often by hand. I keep small, pocket-sized spiral notebooks everywhere: my purse, my car, in jacket pockets, and in sock drawers..."

Peer Consultants

Click here to view Aliya's bioAliya Perez
Major: Community Psychology

"There's no better feeling than a pen gliding over paper. The ink inspires me to keep writing..."

Click here to view Andy's bioAndy Costa
Major: Biology

"My approach to writing is based on the idea that writing and onions are a lot more alike than you would think..."

ashleyPic.jpgAshley Potter
Major: American and Ethnic Studies

"When a dialogue between two people opens around writing, the roles of learner and educator are interchangeable. The learner can become the educator and the educator can become the learner..."

Click here to view Brynley's bioBrynley McGough
Major: Media and Communication Studies

"Whether it be writing angsty teenage poetry, or bringing a character to life on a stage to make an audience laugh, it’s a way for me to bond with friends, express myself, and connect with new people..."

Click to view Danielle's bioDanielle Tretyak
Major: Community Psychology

"I’m a Chicagoland native that enjoys putting a pen to paper and letting my creativity run wild. As a world traveler..."

Emily-F.jpgEmily Fuller
Major: MA in Cultural Studies

BA: Philosophy, Smith College

"Writing is a huge part of my life; it is central and essential to my existence. Obviously, being a student requires a fair amount of writing..."

Click here to view Evan's bioEvan Leahy
Major: Media and Communication Studies

"To me, the most exciting part of a writing project is when clear ideas start to take shape on the page..."

Click here to view Jessica's bioJessica Khaskheli
Major: Environmental Science

"I understand that the act of writing is not always straightforward; it’s mysterious and ambitious, even irritating at times..."

Jordan1.jpgJordan Smith
Major: MSW
BA: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

"The days leading up to an assignment due date can often be accompanied by a familiar seductive foe: procrastination..."

Click here to view Kimberley's bioKimberley Cross
Major: Community Psychology
Major: Health Studies

"When I’m writing, it’s easy to be sucked into the magical world where constant stressors can't break me down; it's just me and my writing..."

Click here to view Mitchell's bioMitchell Kopitch
Major: MFA, Creative Writing and Poetics

"I find that if you can discover what you want to say, and give yourself the freedom to say it, what you find is a sustainable creative practice that extents to all aspects of your life..."

Click here to view Moses' bioMoses Merakov
Major: Law, Economics and Public Policy

"Just like building Legos, writing consists of piecing together tiny blocks, known as words, to create something magnificent and bigger than the sum of its parts..."

neelepicture1.jpgNeele Thom
Major: Biology

"As a kid, I used to sit by a basket of fruit in our living room and categorize them by color, shape, or whatever else I came up with..."

Photo of Rachel Gridley-Waters, smiling and holding a coffee cup.Rachel Gridley-Waters
Major: Global Studies

"Much of my academic writing takes the form of analytical and argumentative essays.  When I write academically, I get in touch with my inner trial lawyer..."

Click here to view Veronica's bioVeronica Zhu
Major: Master of Education
ajor: Master of Human Resource Management

"As a bilingual speaker myself, I have a strong drive to share my passion for English, and writing comes naturally to me..."

Vivi3.jpgVivi Nguyen
Major: International Business

"Growing up as the only English speaker in a Vietnamese household, learning how to communicate was a large part of my education. From a young age, I have always been interested in the language arts..."

empty-profile.pngHow about you?

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