About Us

Kim Sharp, MFA
Interim Director
  "The rambling process that brought me to the position of Assistant 
   Director of the Writing and Communication Center is similar to my
  writing process. I started out as a UW Bothell (IAS) student and  
  eventually started working as a consultant in the Writing Center; I left
  to pursue my MFA...."

Lead Peer Consultants

Click here to view Erik's profileErik Echols
BA Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences: Society, Ethics and Human Behavior, UW Bothell
 "My strengths as a consultant include thesis focus, writing structure,  close reading and literature reviews. I offer my patience, and organizational skills, as well as years of experience .."

Gwyn Boyer
Major: School Psychology Educational Specialist
BA in Community Psychology, UW Bothell

"I feel that the writing process can be similar to how I learned cursive writing."


Peer Consultants

Evan Gilbert
Major: Law, Economics, and Public Policy

"In writing, in throwing my thoughts on the page, the stars begin to align."


Henri Broussard
Major: Biology

"To me, the only way to fail in writing is to not write at all."



Janelle Davis
Major: Master of Arts in Cultural Studies

"For all my love of writing, my main focus remains public speaking."


Click her to view Katie's profileKatie Knutson
Major: Business Administration

"I didn’t come into college thinking that I was a fabulous writer..."

Kristoffer Warren
Major: Business Administration

"I have always viewed writing as a way for us to share our imagination with one another, turning intangible thoughts into visual works."

Kyle Piper
Major: Computer Science and Software Engineering

"The English language is terrifying. I've been around it since the day I was born..."


Laura Bergher
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: Anthropology, Minor in English/Writing

"Ever since I first turned the last page of Hop on Pop I have been seen with a book in my hand."


Melissa Robinson

"We each have our own unique backgrounds and ideas, and because of this we can all learn from one another..."




Scott Brown
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics

I always struggle with the first draft and wonder why I am punishing myself by attempting to write. Then I get to revise and I remember.

Travis Sharp
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics
BA in English and Drama, Athens State University

"For years as a student writing was simply there, a thing to be done, like taking out the trash or microwaving leftovers."


Click here to view Will's profileWill Jonsson
Major: BS in Environmental Science – Earth System Science

"I’d discovered that the fundamentals of nearly any path I finally pursued would be built upon my ability to communicate my thoughts effectively..."