Writing and Communication Center


The Writing and Communication Center (WaCC)  supports students of all abilities, at any stage of the reading, writing, or presentation process. Our goal is to help you become a stronger, more confident writer and communicator. Click here to learn more.

We are located in UW2, room 124.You can contact us by phone at 425-352-5253 or  email wacc@uwb.edu.   


Writing Skills Assessment Preparation Workshops. Planning to take the WSA? This workshop will help you prepare!

The next workshop will be Friday, May 2, 10am--11:30am in Husky Hall, Room 1160. Click here for more information and workshop dates.

On Our Blog

This week on our blog: Travis speaks out on "The Aesthetics of Form" and why font choice and layout are important.

Read more staff picks, writing tips, and ruminations by the WaCC staff at uwbwritingcenter.wordpress.com!




Spring Quarter

  Beginning April 14th
Monday 9am--8pm
  Tuesday 9am--8pm
  Wednesday 9am--8pm
  Thursday 9am--8pm
  Friday 10am--5pm
  Saturday noon--4pm
  Sunday noon--4pm

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