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113th Annual American Anthropological Association Conference
Producing Anthropology
December 3-7, 2014, Washington DC
Note: early registration deadline: October 31st

95th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society
Fluffing the Vision of Weather, Water, and Climate Information for Every Need, Time, and Place
January 4-8, 2015, Phoenix, AZ
Note: early registration deadline: December 1st

2015 FARS Conference
Midyear Meeting
January 16-17, 2015, Nashville, TN
Note: early registration deadline: December 15th

2015 HETL - SoTE Utah Conference
Reaching the Summit: Explorations in Meaningful Learning Through Community Engagement
January 20-22, 2015

AAC&U in conjunction with the Centennial Annual Meeting:
America's Global Future: Are College Students Prepared?
January 21, 2015, Washington DC

AAC&U The Centennial Annual Meeting
Liberal Education, Global Flourishing, and the Equity Imperative
January 21-24, 2015, Washington DC
Note: early registration deadline: November 17th

Global Digital Positioning Systems: E-Portfolios in a Digital Age
January 24, 2015, Washington DC

AAC&U General Education and Assessment 2015
From Mission to Action to Evidence: Empowering and Inclusive General Education Programs
February 19-21, 2015, Kansas City, MO
Note: early registration deadline: January 7th

Lilly Conference Series
Annual Conference
February 19-22, 2015, Newport Beach, CA

9th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference
Prism of Possibility: Looking to the Future
March 5-7, 2015, Bowling Green, OH

Diversity, Learning, and Student Success 2015
March 26-28, 2015, San Diego, CA
Note: early registration deadline: February 12th

2015 NCUR
National Conference
April 16-18, 2015, Cheney, WA
Note: abstract submission deadline: December 2nd

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